Taylor Moton   OL   Western Michigan


Taylor has enough athleticism to play for the team that selects on the right side of their offensive line. He could play (in right offensive system) Right Tackle but his impact position should be as a right guard. He shows enough lateral quickness to pass block and because of his size and strength could become a dominating run blocker. Taylor shows good pride and mental stamina and at the Senior Bowl practices improved during the week.

Taylor is a bit heavy legged but he does have decent lateral agility so the right tackle position is not out of the question. The biggest issue I see on film is that before Taylor engages he does a good job moving his feet but once engaged he stops moving his feet. At the next level this bad habit will make him lunge and get off balance until he learns to continue to move his feet after he engages. When run blocking Taylor must bend more at the knees to lower his pads to gain better leverage moving into him his opponent.

As I said before, Taylor has a bad habit off not keeping his feet moving because of the level of competition. Itís not unusual because he is bigger and more powerful than most of the defensive lineman heís been up against. I noticed this right away when watching him on film but, I also notice the improvement during Senior Bowl week of practices. When he keeps his feet moving after he engages, he does a good job pass blocking. Taylor has the talent to be a starting offensive lineman who could be a very good Right Tackle or right guard for the team that selects him. Taylor seems to be a fast learner so itís just a matter of time before he becomes the player his talent suggest that he can be. If Teams think that Taylor can play the Right Tackle position than donít be surprised if he is selected earlier than I have rated but remember this is a talent grade and no matter what round heís selected in he still needs a little time to develop.

Drew Boylhart  MAR.2017