Taywan Taylor   WR   Western Kentucky


Taywan is just one of the many underrated receivers in this draft. He reminds me a lot of former Packers/ Vikings receiver Greg Jennings. He has the size and bulk to be a physical receiver breaking tackles and adding run after the catch ability to his overall game. Taywan also has those quick feet that make it easy for him to make cuts and drive through those cuts to get excellent separation. He shows on film good strong hands to make contested catches along with the ability to adjust to the ball in the air and make the tough catch. Taywan has the speed and quickness to play outside or inside and his speed and quickness inside (or in the slot) will make him a match up nightmare for linebackers and safeties. Taywan has the size and blocking ability to be used on third downs in the back field as a check down receiver because of his bulk and tough run after the catch skills in the open field. Taywan is being over looked right now but I suspect if he is invited to the combine and runs a good 40 it might lead to some needed notoriety.

Catching the ball is, catching the ball at any level of competition but physical play does have to be taken into consideration when it comes to selecting receivers in the draft. Taywan has to prove that he can handle the physical hits at the next level and until he is selected and proves it, no one knows for sureÖnot even Taywan if he can take a hit over the middle from a safety who wants to take his head off his shoulders and hand it on a plate back to his parents.

I believe Taywan can take a hit and I believe he has the bulk to take hits and come back for more but coming from the division Western Kentucky plays in its tough to see it on film. Taywan loves the game and because of his body type he loves being physical so after he is selected all thatís left is for Taywan to gain the confidence that he belongs at the NFL level and once that happens like I said before Taywan could be the same style receiver as Greg Jennings. Taywan has the same body type, quickness and excellent knowledge of where he is on the field at all times (like Jennings had) to make those difficult sideline passes between the hash marks and out of bounds line look easy. He has sneaky speed to go along with excellent quickness and thatís what makes it easy for him to get open. Taywan is just one of the sleeper receivers in this draft who I think will have an excellent career in the NFL as a core player and a fan favorite for years. Look for Taywan on Robís board for the likely round he could be selected in and if your team selects him donít doubt for a minute that Taywan wonít become one of the players best players on the team.

Drew Boylhart  FEB.2017