Teez Tabor   CB/S   Florida  


Teez has the size and length teams are looking for in a corner back for the next level. He reminds me a lot or Richard Sherman on and off the field. He is smart and has good techniques and has the hands to make interceptions and the athletic talent and speed to score touch downs off those interceptions. He likes the play in front of him but will take on the challenge of bump and run coverage’s and single man to man coverage. He can play corner in any style of defense scheme. Teez does a good job staying on the hip of a receiver and reading the receiver hands to make a defensive play. In the red zone he has the size and length and quickness to make impact plays and defend his opponent’s best receiver. If you’re looking for a clone of Richard Sherman on and off the field I think you will find one in Teez Tabor.

Like I said off the field Teez might be more of a problem off the field than on the field. He’s a “ME” kind of guy. He makes flashy plays when the spotlight is on him. On the field he will put his hands all over the receiver when in tight man coverage. So expect him to get called for a lot of penalties until he learns the referees. Like I said he likes the play in front of him so he is better in zone coverage. As far as tackling, Teez makes it look like he has given a great effort but he misses’ tackles in the open field regularly. Nevertheless when the spotlight is on him he will get off a block and dive at a player’s feet and make a spectacular tackle for sure.

I’m not a big fan of players who are “Me” players but as a business man I know that it takes all kinds of people to make up a good business and sometimes one or two “Me” players is what you need to have a successful team or business. You don’t have to like all of the people who work for you as long as they produce. As much as Teez is not my style of player I’m not foolish to not select him if I needed a good corner back to add to my team. I can tell you this, Teez needs a strong coach and a strong team in the locker room to keep him in place and to push him peer wise to get better than he is. He needs teammates around him to call him out when he is not doing his job. Off the field he needs friends who do not follow him but will lead him. He’s a smart kid and is hungry to be considered smart. So use that to make him play smart, and use it to make him be smart off the field.

Drew Boylhart  JAN.2017