Tim Williams   ER  Alabama 


Tim looks the part with excellent size, strength and athletic talent to play multiple positions in any style of defense. Because of his size and athletic talents he could play in a 4/3 front as a defensive end or in a 3/4 front as an OLB/DE. Tim works well within the context of his teamís defensive game plan. He has those long arms that can make it difficult for offensive lineman to keep him blocked. Those long arms would also make you think he is a pass rushing nightmare. If you select Tim expect some growing pains but with the right coaching and if he posses the right work ethic it could be all worth it because he does look the part.

Right now Tim lacks the instincts and techniques to be the dominating player his athletic talent suggest he can become. His hand usage is very poor and his ďget offĒ the line is very inconsistent. He lacks football instincts to play his position at a high level and has benefited from the talent and players around him this year. From the film work that I have done on Tim I question his maturity on the field and his work ethic off the field.

Donít worry Tim Williams fans there have been plenty of times that I have been wrong about a player. So thatís the good news but look at the film for yourself before you come after me. You will see no double teams, no hand usage to free himself up. Inconsistency on the snap off the ball, difficulty in finding the ball and in general a good looking player who when not blockedÖ impacts. Donít get me wrong Tim has made plays and Iím sure there is a highlight film out there that takes your breath away but looking at his film from the season, all I can tell you is I see a player who is inconsistent and void of the techniques that he still needs to learn for the next level. He can do it but you have to ask yourself, at this point why he isnít further along in his techniques? Why is he rotated off the field? If I had his talent, no way a coach would take me off the field in any situation. Tim seems to disappear once he gets a sack in a game. That bothers me big time but like I said before, Iíve been wrong before so take this for what it is, a profile of caution because itís very possible that Tim just hasnít peaked yet. Itís possible he has been working hard and going to class and thatís why he is behind in his techniques and thatís why they rotate him in and out. All I can tell you is what I see on film and right now Timís maturity, instincts, consistency and killer attitude is lacking on the film. Think about for just one minute, can you compare Tim to Kalil Mack when he came out? I canít but, he has that type of Talent.

Drew Boylhart  JAN.2017