TreDavious White   CB   LSU


TreDavious is an excellent cover corner who plays bigger than his size when playing single coverage defense. He has quick feet and is a fluid athlete easily switching gears and speed to cover just about any size receiver you want him to cover. He shows good hands to intercept the ball and the running skills to take it back all the way for a touchdown. He has a lot of pride in his coverage talents and has mature cover skills and likes the challenge of covering the top receiver on his opponentís team. TreDavious has the football intelligence to play zone coverage but he truly favors being called on to cover one on one the top receiver on the field. With his long arms, wing span and recovery quickness he has the ability to trail his opponent and trick the quarterback into thinking he can be beat deep but at the last second knocking the ball down. Because of TreDavious special teams return skills he can impact on defense and special teams. Although his cover skills are very good, this doesnít make him a perfect fit for all 32 teams.

TreDavious struggles physically against the bigger taller physical receivers because of his slight build and the fact that he is a poor tackler supporting the run. With his build Iím not convinced he can add the bulk and strength he will need at the next level to improve in this area. TreDavious will tackle his guy he is playing against but does little to help out against others on sweeps, screens and in general any running back that breaks the line of scrimmage. He allows himself to be blocked easily and does not give any effort other than turning the run inside for others to tackle. Even that effort is lacking in passion. Nevertheless this kid can cover and loves to cover.

Most are going to rate TreDavious higher than I have him rated based on his excellent cover skills and special teamís talent. I think thatís fine. But for me I expect a defensive football player to tackle and itís a priority for me. What can I sayÖI guess Iím just old school that way? I profile as if Iím a GM or owner and to me a player like TreDavious is limited to one style of defense and one position. I look for players in the first three rounds that can play in multiple styles of offenses and defenses with the potential to play multiple positions in those defenses and offenses. Because TreDavious is a potential impact player on special teams and has excellent cover skills makes him a player I think highly of but not as a 1st round talent because of his size and the fact he lacks the passion to tackle and support against the run consistently. That doesnít mean I wouldnít select him it just means with those limitations heís not a 1st Round talent for me. I will not be surprised if TreDavious is selected in the first round by a team that his limited talents fit. I know this is confusing but the fact that coaches come and go so quickly in the NFL looking for players in the first three rounds with the potential to play more than one position and are sure tacklerís on defenseÖ has become a priority, at least for me in the way I profile players. Remember you can only draft players with the information you have in front of you at the time of the draft. My information says TreDavious is a good player in the right system, potential impact special teamís player, but has poor size and bulk and lacks the passion to tackle consistently.

Drew Boylhart  FEB.2017