Trent Taylor   WR/ST   Louisiana Tech


Trent is a slot receiver or a “move” receiver with special team returning skills. He is quick with good overall speed and excellent hands to catch contested passes. Trent is the type of receiver who’s impact will depend on the quarterback and offensive system he is used in and if an offensive coordinator will allow him on the field for more than just a few plays a game. He has solid run after the catch skills is more quick than fast and is tough with good strength to stand up to the rigors of the NFL. In short…Trent will be labeled as a specialty player unless some team thinks otherwise.

Trent is vertically challenged and because of that most teams will think he cannot impact in the NFL unless he can return a punt of kick. Remember size matters when evaluating players for the draft but means nothing once a player gets on the field. Also because of his size, teams will feel that he is more susceptible to injuries than bigger players. Of course I find that excuse to be just that…an excuse, it’s not reality. Big players get injured just as much as small players. Trent will also have to prove that the next level of competition is not too much for him to handle and this question along with his size and his heart will affect his draft status.

We have seen players with Trent’s size and talent be impacting in the NFL. From Cole Beasley to Julian Edelman, to Wes Welker, Jim Leonhard, Ray Rice, Bob Sanders, DeSean Jackson, Antoine Winfield, Steve Smith Sr, Maurice Jones Drew, Darron Sproles, I could go on but I think you get the picture. Some have been injured, some were 1st round draft picks and some weren’t drafted but most of those mentioned had excellent impact. It’s not like you didn’t know or hear some if not all of those names and believe me I could name a ton of bigger players who you have never heard of playing in the NFL… right now. Trent, given the chance has the talent and the heart to impact in the NFL you just has to believe in him and put him on the field so that he can prove it. I think he will prove it. I saw him in the Senior Bowl practices and he wasn’t over matched. In fact he stood out as a potential impact player for the team that selects him. The key is how does Trent see himself? Interviews will help answer those questions and in those interviews, teams will be looking for how big is the chip on his shoulder and how big is his heart? Trent may not be selected in this draft but if he is not, I’m sure he will be a priority free agent signing for some smart team.

Drew Boylhart  APR.2017