Tyrus Bowser   ER   Houston  


Tyrus reminds me of Connor Barwin. He has the talent and football intelligence to play multiply linebacker positions but is a natural OLB/DE for a 3/4 defense. He has very good cover skills and change of direction skills. He has those long arms and legs that make it easy for him to cover Tight Ends and those big receivers. He sets the edge using excellent techniques to keep bigger players off his body and he is quick to control and shed to make tackles. Tyrus is the type of player who plays his position with efficiency and always seems to be in the right place at the right time to take advantage of his opponent’s mistakes.

Tyrus will make plays when opponents make mistakes but he doesn’t force his opponent with his talent to make mistakes so that he can make impact plays. He also can rush the passer but doesn’t have pass rushing moves relying more on defensive schemes and opponents mistakes that allow him into the back field to make plays.

Tyrus is a quality football player who plays his position the right way all the time but…he is not a playmaker. He is what I call A “By the Book” position player. He’s efficient and his teammates respect him because of his football intelligence and ability to always play his position with Technique proficiency. Players like Tyrus are starting players but once another player who plays his position (who is more of a playmaker), gets drafted or signed in Free agency, than Tyrus will be replaced. Players like Connor Barwin, Manny Lawson are just two players that come to mind that Tyrus reminds me of. If players like Tyrus are in the right system and with the right coach they can be very productive but once that coach gets replaced, the next coach just might not be so enthralled with Tyrus style of play and that’s when replacing him comes into play. It’s very strange how every team needs players like Tyrus to have a good defense and at the same time; it’s very strange how those same teams are always looking to replace them. It’s the “grass is always greener” syndrome I guess.

Drew Boylhart  MAR.2017