Wayne Gallman   RB   Clemson  


Wayne is the type of running back that has the strength to run through the tackles and the speed and lateral explosion to make his own yards. He does a good job blocking and is smart and understands down and distance and situational football. He reminds me a lot of Marshall Faulk. (Do a search; I canít do everything for you). Wayne in the open field is a nightmare to tackle because of his lateral explosion and ability to make his opponents stand flat footed as he goes by them before they can match his moves. His quick feet in the hole and between the tackles make it easy for him to not take a big hit. His athletic talent and excellent eye/ hand coordination makes it easy for him to catch the ball out of the back field and gain yards quickly and before linebackers and safeties can get to him. Wayne has the talent to stay on the field for all three downs because he is not only an explosive running back but he is a complete running back.

He runs high so if the defense can tackle him before the line of scrimmage or at the line of scrimmage he struggles to go forward and gain yardage. Wayne is the type of back who will impact in any style of offense but a pro spread, one back offense is most likely the best fit for him to excel. That style of offense gives him bigger splits on the offensive line and makes it easier for him to use his quick cutting skills and vision to gain yardage.

Because of Wayneís natural lateral explosion and change of direction skills bigger splits in the offensive line means bigger holes for him to go through and deal one on one with linebackers in a more open situation. Wayne will smoke most linebackers and gain yardage in big chunks in that style of offense. That doesnít mean Wayne canít play in any style offense it just means to take advantage of his talent that puts your opponent at a disadvantage, a spread one back offense is perfect for him, the kind the Packers are running with Aaron Rodgers at the helm. I canít tell you what round teams will select Wayne in all I can tell you about is his talent. As of this writing going into the draft, Wayne is underrated. I also feel that Wayne was underrated and underappreciated by his college team also. On film the talent is obvious to me but sometimes obvious to some people doesnít seem to be so obvious. Wayne is a complete back with speed and lateral explosiveness and eye/hand coordination to catch the ball. Add to this his blocking talent and aggressiveness and I think he will be a impact running back for the team that selects him. I have no doubt that the kid can carry the load if you let himÖitís obviousÖAt least to me.

Drew Boylhart  FEB.2017