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Zack is one big human being. He has decent athletic talent for a person his size. He does a good job moving his feet and in the future could play more than one position on the offensive line for the team that selects him. Zack has just the right amount of nasty streak in his play on the field. He plays with excellent pride and works well with his line mates and there is no lack of effort when he is blocking on the field for every play. Zack is big and getting him into a pro setting to reshape his body and learn better techniques is all Zack needs to become a core player on the offensive line for the team that selects him.

Zack is very tall and struggles handling his weight to keep himself on balance when pass blocking and run blocking. He moves his feet well but because of his size once he gets moving (when pass blocking) itís easy to use his own weight and mass against him to gain leverage and make him over commit. He fires out well when run blocking but once engaged has a bad habit of not continuing to move his feet and this causes him to over stride and lose balance. Most of his issues are techniques issues and can be corrected along with reshaping his body to the correct size/ weight ratio. His total weight in general is fine but he needs less in the middle and more on the bottom with more upper body strength.

If Zack wants to continue to play tackle at the next level than he will have to get with a trainer who will educate Zack on his correct weight to height to muscle ratio that will allow him to become quicker moving his feet without losing his balance when pass blocking. He will also have to learn the kick step so that he can stay on balance and better hand usage. If he is moved into the guard position he needs to learn to continue to move his feet when engaged and also better upper body strength along with correct pad level when run blocking because of his size. All of this is attainable but will need some hard work mentally and physically on Zackís part. Zack is big and there is always room on a team in the NFL for big offensive lineman until they prove they cannot play. Zack will be given that time and if he does what I suggest in this profile he will be successful. Thatís the bottom line for Zack. From what I see on film the talent to be a solid offensive lineman is there hidden under some weight issues and techniques issues but it is there.
Drew Boylhart  JAN.2017