Bradley Chubb   DE   North Carolina St


Bradley is one of the smartest defensive ends I have seen coming out in any draft. He has excellent size, strength and explosion to the play. He does an excellent job when defending against the run. Bradley understand down and distance and situational football. He understands how to set up offensive lineman to make plays behind the line of scrimmage at important times in a game. He uses his hands like a linebacker when defending against the run easily shedding opponents and making tackles. He has excellent quickness and explosion off the line when pass rushing and the strength in his lower and upper body to defeat double teams. Bradley reminds me a lot of former Giants Justin Tuck and I expect his career at the next level will be very similar in impact and leadership.

Bradley is a pure 4/3 defensive end and although teams will work him out and try to make him a OLB/DE for a 3/4 defense his impact will be in the same style of defense he plays in at the college level because thatís the defense Bradley can continue to use his football intelligence to take advantage of offensive lineman. This could affect his draft status if there are a lot of teams drafting early who run a 3/4 defense.

Iím not suggesting that Bradley isnít athletic enough to play in a 3/4 defense. Iím sure he can and Iím sure his workouts will prove that also. Iím just say Bradley is a smart defensive player and the mental games he plays with offensive lineman when he is down in a 3 point stance is unique for a college player and something that as a OLB/DE in a 3/4 defense he will not be able to use and this could limit his impact at the next level. It doesnít mean that Bradley used in a 3/4 defense is not worthy of being listed as a top player in this draft either. I just think to get full use of his athletic talent, skills and his intelligence to play head games with offensive lineman keeping him set up on the line of scrimmage, setting the edge and disrupting plays BEHIND the line of scrimmage on every down is the smartest way to take advantage of this smart, talented player. Then again I probably justÖ Talking To Myself.

Drew Boylhart   DEC.2017