Brandon Silvers   QB   Troy


Brandon has the arm talent to be a franchise quarterback for the team that selects him. He can make all the rows with velocity and with excellent accuracy. He is smart and in spite of playing in the shot gun he has the athleticism and high football IQ to play in any style of offensive system. Brandon has the talent to make the players around him better and the passing talent to open up the running game. He stands tall in the pocket and has just enough foot speed to run for first downs when needed. He’s a pure pocket passer with a quick release that makes it hard to blitz him successfully. He is smart and confident and shows his leadership skills when adversity shows up. Brandon is underrated in this draft and right now as of this writing not many are talking about him but I suspect the closer we get to draft that will change.

I’m not sure how accurate Brandon can throw the ball on the run or resetting his feet because he gets rid of the ball so quickly he doesn’t show this skill set on film. Nevertheless with his quick release and confident pocket presences maybe he doesn’t have to.

Brandon is my sleeper quarterback in this draft. What you get when you select Brandon is an accurate, hard throwing, quick release, confident, pure pocket passer with the leadership skills and talent to make the players around him better. He can make backup receivers look like they should be starters. He can make offensive lineman look like pro bowl players because of his ability to get rid of the ball so quick. He can make safeties play back in a two deep zone defense opening up the running game. He works out of a spread offense and when he needs to make a throw into tight areas to move the chains or in the red zone all I can say is the receivers better have good hands and better get their heads around quick because that ball will be screaming to them with the velocity most quarterbacks pray they could deliver a ball with. Brandon might be getting lost in the shuffle of talented quarterbacks in this draft but remember this…once he hits an NFL field most “experts” will be trying to take credit suggesting they knew all along how good he will be. I don’t have a clue what round Brandon might be selected in but I will tell you this I would not hesitate to select him in the first round if I needed a quarterback and any other round he will be the steal of the draft. But that’s just me… Talking to Myself™. I call him Brandon (Quick Draw) Silvers because of his quick release passing talent.

Drew Boylhart   DEC.2017