Christian Kirk   WR   Texas A&M


Christian has the speed and quickness that will make him attractive to all 32 teams in this draft. He has the size and bulk of a running back and this makes it easy for him to gain yardage after the catch. Christian has excellent hands to catch the ball when running those deep routes and the body control and quick eye/hand coordination to adjust to the ball and make the acrobatic catch. He plays with an excellent ability to NOT take the big hit because of his lateral agility and vision when running after the catch. Christian also brings to the table excellent special teams return skills and talents. His ability to set up blockers and quickness make him one of the most dangerous special teams returnerís in this draft. Add to that his soft hands to catch the ball down the field, his ability to make acrobatic catches, the excellent route running quickness in and out of his breaks and his stop on a dime change of direction skills and you have the potential for a receiver who can play more than one position in your passing offense and that ladies and gentlemanÖ is the definition of 1st round talent.

Size will be an issue for the teams who profile negatives more than positives. Christian for the next level might be more of a ďmoveĒ receiver or might impact better as a slot receiver but no matter what receiving position he plays (inside or outside) he will be an impact receiver. Christian has that Wes Welker, Julian Edelman type quickness but with a lot better down the field speed, think Brandon Cook.

An impact player is an impact player and if you donít want to draft an impact player because he doesnít fit the size/speed ratio that some jack ass decided is what is needed to be a successful receiver in the NFL all I can say is, go aheadÖ pass on drafting Christian, Iím sure one of those teams who are in the playoffs and super bowls every year will be happy to select Christian in the first round. Most of the time players with Christianís size, speed, and talent arenít selected until the later rounds. There have been exceptions of course but every time one of those exceptions doesnít make it or is considered a bust it sets back the more talented players. Christian has the bulk to go along with his size to take the pounding in the NFL. That is a BIG difference to me. The smaller/ fast receivers need that bulk to take the hits and go over the middle and not allow his opponents to be physical with them down the field. Christian has that bulk to go along with that unique speed, quickness, and excellent hands to deal with bigger corner backs who want to be physical and try to move them off their routes. Christian is a tough kid and that is what will make him an impact receiver at the next level. Bet on it.

Drew Boylhart   FEB.2018