Chukwuma Okorafor   OT   Western Michigan


Chukwuma has the size and long arms that make him the poster boy for Left Tackles for the NFL. He has solid athletic talent and when challenged does a good job pass blocking for his quarterback at the college level. He has the athletic talent to get out of his stance quick enough and shows the lateral agility to handle all types of pass rushers big or small, quick or fast, power or speed. He does a good job going out to the second level to make blocks with the agility to change direction when it is needed. Chukwuma has upside to his game that will excite coaches. What Chukwuma brings to his game is the natural ability to mirror his opponent with quick feet and quick lateral agility. Chukwuma skills and talents just need to be unleashed at the next level and if that happens he will be considered one of the top Offensive tackles for the team that selects him in the future.

There is a lack of consistency to how Chukwuma plays his position because of sloppy techniques. Chukwuma has all of the physical attributes to be considered as THE top offensive tackle in this draft but his talent is raw at this point in his career and his quiet nature will be a concern to teams looking for his talent attached to a man eating type of mental outlook. Chukwuma needs to finish better when pass blocking and run blocking. That’s attitude and that is what he struggles with the most. Everything else he can learn and improve but the mental attitude to finish your opponent on every play is when he gets beat.

I’m sure Chukwuma is a wonderful kid and everyone likes him and he is a joy to be around but the key to Chukwuma being successful at the next level is if he can flip a switch on the field and add a little “nasty” to his game. His techniques are sloppy because of this lack of mental toughness and attention to detail. He does not lead, he follows, and at times it looks like he gets tired of following right in the middle of plays. I am not suggesting that this kid is lazy, not at all. He shows effort on every play and when he is challenged he steps up. Let’s put the lack of Techniques aside because for me it’s all about attitude and mental toughness as the key to being consistent. Chukwuma might make it as a right tackle just because of his athletic talent, but with his talent you expect him to play Left Tackle and unless his interviews show a more positive, aggressive attitude I think it will be hard for teams to select Chukwuma in the first round. At least for me it would be. But that’s just me, once again, “Talking to Myself™”. With this type of talent I suspect Chukwuma to be selected at some point in the 1st round because after all… who has the guts to pass up on selecting the poster boy who represents the perfect Left Tackle? You can bet one of the playoff teams won’t let it happen. If some coach can unleash the “Kraken” in this kid then watch out but I question if the “Kraken” is lurking inside Chukwuma?

Drew Boylhart   JAN.2018