Connor Williams   OT/OG   Texas


Connor shows good lateral agility to play more than one position on the offensive line. He has good strength and is an excellent run blocker never stopping his feet until he hears the whistle. He has nasty streak in his play that keeps him mentally strong, challenging himself and his opponents on every down. He keeps his head up when he blocks and uses his hands and this allows him to switch easily when opponents use stunting schemes against him. He is very loyal to his teammates and his play on the field shows that in the way that he is always trying to help the player next to him to be successful. Connors lateral agility is good but not great nevertheless when Connor loses techniques against speed rushers he will turn his hips and continue to move his feet pushing that rusher up the field and allowing his quarterback to step up. Itís a guard technique that he uses playing tackle but it works for him because he is relentless when pass blocking. Connor reminds me a lot of Redskins Left Tackle Trent Williams. He has the same nasty streak and athletic talent and the same relentless way of run blocking and getting out on sweeps and screens. Both players have the same style of trying to dominate their opponent physically during a game.

Like I said Connor doesnít have great lateral agility but he compensate for that weakness with good foot speed, excellent hand usage and keeping his head up all the while he is pass blocking. Connor might get beat at times by speed rushers but it wonít be because of a lack of effort. There is a minor concern that Connorís nasty streak can lead to penalties but sometimes you take the good with the bad and I think Connorís team attitude and holding himself accountable will help him overcome this issue in the futureÖI think?

Connor could be a pro bowl left guard if he played that position at the next level. He could be a pro bowl right tackle if he played that position also. But youíre not selecting Connor to play any other position on your offensive line than Left Tackle. Could Connor be a pro bowl Left Tackle? As far as Iím concerned you can bet on it. In a play action/vertical offensive system Connor will not only make it to the pro bowl he will help your team to make the playoffs too because of his excellent run blocking and powerful ability to be used in a pulling offensive line system. His athleticism and nasty streak and the way he gets out quickly and demolishes his opponents going to the second level, on screens and sweeps will lead your teams running game to success. In a spread offense he will have to become a little bit better pass blocker but with good coaching and the right play calling this should not be an issue. As far as selecting him in this draft I donít think ANY team should pass on a talented offensive lineman no matter what offensive system the team uses or the position that player might wind up playing. I think you need to COACH BETTER! But thatís just meÖTalking To Myselfô.

Drew Boylhart   JAN. 2018