Derrius Guice   RB   LSU


Derrius has the talent, size, power, speed, and quickness to be an every down running back for the team that selects him. He runs like a bulldozer having the leg drive, vision, and laterally explosion to gain yardage between the tackles and breaking tackles. He also has the speed and quickness to be dangerous in the open field making him the type of running back who has to be accounted for on every play and for any down and distance. Derrius has the talent to play in any style of offensive line blocking scheme and in any style of offensive system. He can play in a spread one back offense or in a two back offense. He has excellent hands to catch the ball down the field like a wide receiver and if a team is smart will use him all over the offense and take full advantage of his skills, talent, and high football IQ.

Derrius sucks at blocking on third downs for his quarterback. Part of it is because of his size but most of it is because he just doesn’t like to do it. He prefers to give out the punishment and not take punishment. He uses poor techniques and just doesn’t have the same aggressiveness pass blocking as he does running the ball. My advice is… don’t try to fit a square peg into a round whole, use him in the slot as a receiver he will do a lot more damage against a defense at that position then he will blocking. Truthfully the only real issue that will be of concern to all teams will be his medicals. If they come out ok…Derrius has the potential to be the first running back listed on many teams draft boards.

As a receiver Derrius is a nightmare. He is too quick and fast for linebackers and safeties and he is much stronger than most corners that any team might use. As a running back, defensive lineman better have very good gap control and also linebackers who can tackle because inside or outside this kid will demolish any player who makes the slightest mistake in their assignments. He’s runs like a bulldozer knocking down buildings in his path, with no concern about damaging himself. His ability to catch the ball is outstanding and a skill his college team did not take advantage off because of his ability to power run and break tackles and make yardage running the ball. He runs hard and likes the physical part of dishing out the punishment but to protect him more at the next level and to make him even more impacting using him in the passing game I would think would be a smart thing to do. Yes he will have to learn some routes and how to better run routes but that is not a reason to not take full advantage of this kid’s talent in all phases of his game. Darius might be small in stature but if you want to gain yards between the tackles on third and short… I suggest you call on the bulldozer to knock down a few of those big building like defensive lineman to do it. It’s your best bet.

Drew Boylhart   JAN.2018