Derwin James   S/CB/LB   Florida State


Derwin has the size, speed and athletic talent to play more than one position on defense for the team that selects him in this draft. He is one of the best form tacklers and one of the best open field form tacklers and this will help him to stay concussion free. He has excellent change of direction skills and has those long arms and legs the make it easy for Derwin to cover players in pass defense. He has excellent vision and this makes it easy for him to look into the backfield and still see out of the corner of his eye his assign player as they are running a route. Derwin has a very high football IQ with excellent anticipation. He sees the whole field like a running back or linebacker even when he is close up to the line of scrimmage. Derwin has excellent size and quickness to cover most any size receiver in the slot and when in the red zone on the outside, against those big receivers or pass catching Tight Ends. He has unique talent, size, skills and unique football IQ and thatís the full package. Thatís why I call him Derwin (Fed X) James because on the football field he delivers the full package.

Right now at the end of the college season I donít believe Derwin still has all of his pure speed back from his knee injury and can get beat deep if you get behind him. In spite of thatÖthere is no reason to down grade his skills and talent and football IQ, this kid is an impact player and your biggest concern will be replacing him if he gets injured.

When you watch Derwin on film you see a player who is head and shoulders above his teammates and opponents in athletic talent, football skills and football IQ. He can play more than one position on your defense. He can play corner inside the red zone, cover those big receivers one on one in the slot, be your linebacker in nickel and dime, spy on those pesky quarterbacks who use the run to make first downs and because of his size Derwin is outstanding when used to blitz from deep or standing on the line. Because of his size and the fact that he is an excellent form tackler and high football IQ, Derwin has the ability to be moved around your defense as a robber, making impact plays. Iíd like to see him communicate more with his teammates but because I donít see him doing that on film doesnít mean he is not doing it. A lot of athletes with this type of natural athletic and mental talent struggle to commutate because they really donít know or understand how they do what they do, they just do it. In fact most players with this type of talent donít understand why others CANíT do what they do and this causes them to be frustrated with their teammates at times. Derwin is the type of defensive player you build your defense around and pray every night on your knees that he doesnít get injured because it will be very hard to replace him. Think of him as a bigger version of former Steelers Troy Polamalu with better cover skills. Derwin (Fed X) James delivers the full package, size, athletic talent, football IQ, instincts, anticipation and form tackling on every down.

Drew Boylhart   DEC.2017