Harrison Phillips   DT   Stanford


Harrison has quick feet to go along with excellent balance size and strength to play his position in any style of defensive front (1 gap or 2gap, 3/4 or 4/3) and at multiple positions along the line. He shows leadership skills through his play on the field and in this day and age of rotating defensive lineman when he is off the field there is a significant drop of execution of the defensive line on his college team. Harrison has excellent strength along with good lateral agility to deal with and stretch out running plays against zone blocking scheme. He is smart and understands offensive blocking schemes to identify screens and sweeps quickly. Harrison makes the players around him better with his leadership and confidence in his skills. He is the type of defensive lineman who understands why consistency in his play and gap control is so important to his teammates along the defensive line. This consistency allows him to set up offensive lineman to use his athleticism and quick feet to make impact plays at optimistic times in a game. He’s like a cop on the beat who understands that consistency in patrolling the neighborhood and knowing all the ally ways and short cuts is the key steps to controlling the neighborhood. That’s why I call him “Officer” Harrison Phillips.

Harrison when using 1 gap techniques losing leverage coming off too high allowing his opponent the chance to engage him before he can slip through that gap. If he comes off lower he will be able to get into the back field EVEN quicker than he does now to disrupt offensive plays. What he does right now at the college level is adequate but playing high like that at the next level will lesson his sack and disrupting potential. It’s habit that comes from playing more two gap techniques than 1 gap and as soon as he gets to the next level and has more of a chance to work on that he will improve and become more dominate in that scheme.

Harrison is one of the top defensive linemen in this draft because he can play multiple positions in multiple style fronts in any style of defense. He can play on the nose in a 3/4 defense because of his quick feet and strength. He can also play outside in a 3/4 defense because of his quick feet, strength and ability to get into the back field quickly. He can play as a defensive tackle over the left guard in a 4/3 defense because of his high football IQ. He can play in a 1gap attack defense or in a 2 gap run stuffing defense. His quick feet make it possible for him to be able to play more than one position getting into the back field quickly and his size, strength and lateral agility make it easy for him to play in a 2 gap scheme and stuff the run. He has good hand usage to shed blocks and make tackles in the hole using mature techniques learned through some good coaching. Harrison is the type of player who will become a corner stone of your defense. He will be one of your leaders on the field and in the locker room and a sure bet to become an outstanding defensive lineman for the team that is smart enough to select him. Having him on the field is like having the “Gap Police” enforcing gap control and making plays. Like I stated before, I call him Officer Harrison Philips in charge of gap control along your defensive line.

Drew Boylhart   DEC.2017