Isaiah Wynn   OL   Georgia


Isaiah has the quickest and lightest feet of the offensive lineman in this draft. He is quick out of his stance and moves with solid lateral agility. He is a strong pass blocking offensive lineman using techniques and those quick feet to keep his opponent away from his quarterback on obvious passing downs and situations. Isaiah is smart and easily picks up stunts and has the athletic talent to turn his hips and push his man up the field when he does get beat. He has the athletic talent and football intelligence to play multiple positions on the offensive line and he also shows on film good leadership qualities and excellent mental toughness that all offensive linemen must possess to be successful at the next level. He is quick do go out for screens and sweeps and might be considered one of the better pulling offensive lineman in this draft. Isaiah’s impact position for the team that selects him should be as a left guard but he can play tackle in a pinch at a high level and that should make him be considered by all 32 teams as a quality selection in this draft.

Isaiah has the talent to play tackle but the size to be considered more as a guard and this will confuse some teams as too what position they project him at and will affect his draft status on some teams boards. Isaiah also has no calf muscles or very little calf muscles and some teams will look at this in a negative way and think he doesn’t have the lower body strength to be an impact run blocker in all types of offensive run blocking systems at the next level and this too might affect his draft status for some teams.

Isaiah has the feet of a ballerina, up on his toes, moving with the ease of a dancing hippopotamus like in the Disney movie Fantasia. This is not meant as an insult because for a football player this big with the ability to move with this type of grace, ease, and quickness is unique and will do him well at the next level. Isaiah is what I call a move offensive lineman. That means he will be a strong pass blocker and will be strong using him on sweeps, screens, traps and pulling when run blocking. If you’re looking for a head up, bull like, run blocking type of offensive lineman, Isaiah is not your man. If your team is doing a lot of play action vertical pass plays Isaiah will struggle going up against those quick 1 gap attack defensive lineman because he lacks the lower bulk to deal with that type of power in spite of his quickness. If Isaiah is selected by the right team that uses a spread offense or the West Coast Offense he will become a pro bowl offensive Left Guard very quickly. So look at Rob’s board to get a feel for what round Isaiah is most likely to be selected because although he could get lost in this draft I doubt his value and play will be lost on the field. Isaiah is a quality offensively lineman with quality skills and athletic talent who just needs the right system to impact.

Drew Boylhart   FEB.2018