Josh Rosen   QB   UCLA


Josh has the arm talent to play at a high level for the team that selects him. He can make all the throws with accuracy from the pocket and runs a pro style offense making him very appealing to any team in the NFL. He has good size and when he throws in rhythm “most” will consider him as the best quarterback in this draft…that is “most”! When Josh works out there is no doubt that he will make the “I got to have him meter” jump through the roof. Josh’s talent to throw passes with the exact touch that is needed at the exact time of a route is impressive. It’s the type talent that coaches dream about being able to have on their team but as I always say…it takes more than talent to play in the NFL and that more than talent is what is lacking for Josh right now.

What I see on the film is a quarterback who doesn’t possess the mental strength and physical strength to play in the NFL right now for a 16 game schedule. He’s a fragile, handle with care type of quarterback. He can build up his body but gaining the mental strength is something that is bred into you and very difficult to develop. Josh has a problem dealing with pressure in his face. I’m not suggesting that he can’t take a hit, I’m saying because he lacks quick feet, when he’s FLUSHED from the pocket he panics and doesn’t throw accurately. On designed roll outs he is fine, but like I stated, flush him from the pocket and he seems to panic. Josh also strikes me as a warm weather QB only and if others feel the same it will affect his draft status. Josh has great throwing and arm talent but struggles to make the talent around him better when adversity hits his team.

There seems to be an “I” in the word “team” for Josh. I get the impression from film (And Film only) that he has his cult following from some teammates but overall he’s a bit of a loner and keeps to himself, separating emotionally from most of his teammates. Add that “Schizoid personality theory” with his slight frame that lacks the bulk to take the pounding at the next level and instead of having a quarterback that coach’s dream about, you have a quarterback who has “handle with care” stamped on his forehead. Will Josh ever make it in the NFL? Of course he can, all he has to do is build up his body, learn not to panic under duress and manipulate the pocket to extend plays with quicker feet. He will also need to become more social with all of his teammates, take accountability for his own mistakes and learn to throw without using perfect mechanics and with accuracy when a play breaks down. There is no doubt in my mind that Josh will put up big numbers every week (if healthy) for your fantasy league team but players like Josh struggle to win games because they are forever putting their stats ahead of winning the game. The last UCLA vs USC game is a perfect example. Josh out played his QB competition on the stat sheet but lost the game. Look for Josh to be selected in the first round because of his unique arm talent. I’d wait until later in the draft because I know that it takes more than talent to play in the NFL, but that’s just me, “Talking To Myself™”. Josh Rosen has the potential to be an excellent quarterback with great stats but I question his ability to stay healthy and win the big games that count the most.

Drew Boylhart   DEC.2017