Marcus Davenport   ER   UTSA


Marcus has the talent, size, athletic abilities, and body type that reminds me of former Cowboys/Broncos DeMarcus Ware. He has an excellent burst off the line of scrimmage along with the foot speed and agility to turn the corner and make a sack. He has solid linebacker skills to be used in any style of defensive front and is stout against the run. Marcus is a natural pass rusher and attacking the line of scrimmage on every down seems to fit his mentality. Although his skills are raw at this point of his career, this kid is smart and seems to be a hard worker. He can make impact plays and any player with that type of work ethic, athletic talent, and size has to be taken seriously as a potential impact, play making, defensive player. There is no limit to this kidís ability on the field to impact and although Marcus is raw right now he showed me (in Senior Bowl week) his work ethic and ability to take what he learns in practice on to the field.

Marcus struggles to play from a three point stance losing leverage and lacking the hand usage techniques to re - gain leverage and attack from that position. Nevertheless, Marcus showed me in week long practices at the Senior Bowl that itís just a matter of time and good coaching before he becomes the outstanding player his athletic talents suggest that he will become.

Marcus has the maturity and talent to have as good a career as DeMarcus Ware. The sack in the Senior Bowl game showed me how quickly Marcus can learn. He struggled all week long in the practices because he was trying to learn new techniques from the coaches and use them. Most of the time he was only successful because of his athletic talent but that sack in the game came easy to him. Marcus was shown how to take a better angle to the quarterback in practice and to set up his opponent to make a second move to make a sack. All week long Marcus struggled with this angle of attack but he kept working. Than in the game he tried the move and it worked and his body language screamed that he finally got it. He finally understood that strength and athleticism is how you gain advantage over your opponent but techniques and football intelligence is what allows you to finish and make impact plays. Marcus is the type of player who will become more impacting at the NFL level than he was at the college level. He has not peaked and once he learns the pass rushing skills and techniques needed to set up his opponent and finish plays he will become as impacting and complete a defensive player as DeMarcus Ware was.

Drew Boylhart   FEB.2018