Michael Gallup   WR   Colorado St


Michael is one of the most intelligent route runners in this class of receivers. He reminds me a lot of former Steelers receiver Hines Ward. Michael has the same physical style of play as Hines had. He shows good strength to run his routes and strong hands to catch the contested pass. He is sneaky fast and because of his excellent and smart route running skills will get behind double teams deep to make the big catch down the field. Michael doesn’t just run routes…he negotiates his way down the field forcing his opponent to make the first move that Michael wants them to make and then he counters with his move to get open. Michael with his strong legs and solid body type allows him to be adept at making yards after the catch. If the defense makes a slight mistake in zone coverage’s Michael sees it, adjust quickly and will make his opponents pay for a big play. He is far ahead of the average receiver coming out of college in reading defenses on the run and exploiting their weakness. I call him Michael “The Negotiator” Gallup because before he places a bet he forces defenses to show their hand. You can bet on it.

Michael has good speed but he doesn’t have the elite speed teams look for when he runs at the combine. This might make some teams think he will have separation problems at the next level…of course they will be wrong. Michael’s body type is more like a running back than the long legged and long body receivers the NFL has gotten use to seeing coming out in a draft. This will make some teams think that Michael will struggle getting off the line against tight in your face coverage, of course once again… they will be wrong.

Michael has the ability to read the body language of his opponent and make his opponent react like a person at a poker table looking for that one weakness in his opponent’s body language to decide how much to lay down on the next bet. He has a strong body and run after the catch skills in the open field better than some running backs coming out in this draft. He loves to be physical and likes using his physical abilities to deceive opponents into being physical because most corners can’t match his physical nature. Like I stated before, Michael reminds me a lot of former Steelers WR Hines Ward who was physical, smart and showed the way for the Steelers passing offense to be one of the most physical passing offenses of its time. Michael has that ability also, the ability to lead the passing offense to be as physical as he is and to make plays in the red zone when all routes and passes are contested. Write this down, Michael will be an impact receiver and selected by the right team with smart coaching also has the potential to be a franchise receiver in spite of the fact that he will not be selected as high as I have him rated. Look for Michael on Rob’s board and pray your team drafts him. After all ask yourself this…what team in the NFL doesn’t need a good negotiator? I’d say they all do.

Drew Boylhart   JAN. 2018