Mike Gesicki   TE/WR   Penn St


Mike is what I call an impact receiver. He has the size and hand/eye coordination that make receivers in the NFL special. He has a big catch radius because of his size and in the red zone is a matchup nightmare because he will catch the contested pass. Mike can catch the ball down the field like a wide receiver and this makes him potentially the type of offensive receiver who can play any one of the receiving positions depending on down and distance. He is smart and is the type of teammate that fits his game to his quarterbacks needs and talents and this makes him a quarterback’s favorite target when the offense needs to move the ball on third and short or score touchdowns in the red zone. Mike is the type of player offensive coordinators should be very excited to have on their teams because of his size, speed, and ability to catch the ball and this gives the OC options in the passing game that most teams do not posses. Mike can be a star “IF” selected by the team with an out of the box thinking type of offensive coordinator.

Mike is the modern day Tight End who may not be the best in line blocker but does a solid job. He lacks the pure lateral agility blocking in open space but once again he gets the job done. If Mike can improve his blocking in open space and become more forceful there will be no limit to his impact at the next level. Mike’s body type is on the slim side for a tight end and forcing him into blocking in line, might not be the smartest thing to do. The truth is Mike is more of a receiver than a tight end and those that insist on using him as just a Tight End will be missing out on the impact he can have in the passing game.

Like I said Mike is more of a receiver than a tight end. You can use him all over your offense making matching up with him a problem for defensive coordinators. He can be use as an H-back or a slot receiver or in the red zone as a wide receiver. You can bring him off the line from a three point stance down the hash marks to split the safeties. He has good speed and most linebackers will struggle staying with him because of his long strides. Safeties and corners will have a problem in coverage against him because of his size and ability to catch contested passes. Like I said Mike is the new modern day Tight End/Receiver and because players like Mike are used so much more nowadays in the passing game it has forced teams to look for better pass blocking right tackles who can be left alone without help when pass blocking. Mike is an impact offensive player depending on the team and coaching staff and quarterback. You draft Mike and try to make him into the classic tight end and I suspect Mike will impact more in the medical tent then he will on the field. I like receivers who can catch the ball in any kind of situation. Others want speed but for me speed is not THE priority…catching the ball is and Mike can catch the dam ball and that’s what I look for in any receiver first and for most. Call me crazy.

Drew Boylhart   FEB.2018