Mike McGlinchey   OT   Notre Dame


Mike in spite of his size (listed at 6’7”) has the ability to play more than one position on the offensive line for the team that selects him. Mike plays with good balance and strength and his run blocking skills are excellent. He does a good job moving to the second level to make blocks and has good enough feet to be used as a pulling offensive lineman in a short zone blocking scheme. He works well with his teammates and shows the ability to be consistent using his techniques when under adverse situations or when he is overmatched. Mike shows the mental stamina and high football IQ to play more than one position and that is extremely important when evaluating talent to play on your offensive line. He is a solid selection in this draft and could develop into a pro bowl offensive lineman for the team that selects him.

Mike doesn’t have the lateral agility to be a true left tackle for the next level but could be a solid right tackle in the right offensive system like a strong running game and vertical play action passing game. He could be a pro bowl guard if the team that selects him has smart coaching and doesn’t draft Mike too early in this draft expecting him to be a pro bowl left tackle because of his size.

Mike should be a good right tackle but he also has the ability to play one of the guard positions and this is unusual for a player who at this point is listed as 6’7”. I love his balance and run blocking and he does a solid job in pass protection but really needs to be covered up to handle those speed rushes at the next level no matter what tackle position he plays. The biggest issue for Mike is that he has excellent guard talent stuck in an Offensive Tackle size! This will make a lot of teams miss-characterize Mike’s potential for the next level and force him into a situation that he might not be able to handle and make him look bad. Then again…Mike is smart and a hard worker and with a good blocking scheme and smart coaching he could become a solid offensive tackle. You just never know… sometimes offensive coordinators are smarter than I give them credit for and will surprise me and put Mike at the right position to make him successful. Then again, don’t be surprised if Mike has injury problems because he is put at a position (because of his size) that he can’t handle athletically. So with that in mind when selecting Mike if your team keep’s an open mind of what Mike’s best position on the offensive line will be and lets his talent and not size, dictate what that position he should play… I believe you have a potential pro bowl offensive lineman. If that same teams insist that Mike must play left tackle and accepts no other possibilities all based on his size, Mike will struggle. Mike reminds me of Cowboys Doug Free, like Doug if he is paired up with other talented offensive lineman and plays the right position he is a solid and good offensive lineman. Force him to a position he can’t handle athletically and with less talented teammates and Doug struggled. It’s simple, right position, right blocking scheme, right teammates and Mike can be a very good offensive lineman.

Drew Boylhart   JAN. 2018