Quenton Nelson   OG   Notre Dame


Quenton has the size and foot quickness to go along with using excellent techniques to be considered as one of the top offensive lineman in this draft. Quenton prides himself on his play and shows leadership skills through his play on the field. He prides himself on his run blocking blowing his man off the line of scrimmage and trying all game long to demoralize his opponent as well as beating them. Quenton is tough and smart with killer instincts that make him not stop blocking until he hears the whistle. He has the respect of his teammates and coaches. When you watch film on him you see how he demoralizing, dominating and helping out his line mates. He handles stunts very well because of his lateral agility and does have quick enough feet to pull and go to the second level to make his blocks. Quenton is a complete offensive lineman and if teams work him out at center and he can make all the snaps he will improve his draft status tremendously because Quenton has the leadership skills of a center as well as the talent of a guard.

The only issue I see on film for Quenton to improve on is when he is called on to pull. He has good foot quickness but doesnít have good foot speed. I know that sounds strange but it is not unusual. When Quenton pulls he wants to be out in front so bad but his mind is thinking faster than his feet and because of his aggressiveness he is off balance when trying to make his block. His shoulders are a head of his hips and feet so farÖ that he loses balance the further he has to run to make his block. This is just a technique issue and as soon as Quenton learns to stay under control this becomes a non issue. I have no doubt he will accomplish that.

Donít be concerned if your team decides to select Quenton early in the first round. In fact be more concerned if they donít. He might not be a left tackle but he is one hell of an excellent left guard and those are hard to find. Left guards who can pass block and run block equally well, do not come along very often. In fact most left guards were Left Tackles or Right tackles in college and are better pass blockers than they are run blockers. Not all but most. Quenton can do both pass and run block equally as well and will be a player you can draft and then forget about that position for the next ten years. Protecting your quarterback and not allowing Defensive Tackles to get a good push into the face of your quarterback is the number one priority to having a successful passing game. If your quarterback canít step up in the pocket and give himself the extra time to get away from a speed defensive end pass rusher you might as well mail the game in and take a forfeit. When you find an offensive lineman with this type of talent adding him to your team will only get you closer to the playoffs and super bowl because offensive lineman and quarterbacks are the true skill positions of your offense. All the other offensive positions are just eye candy. Adding an interior offensive lineman with this type of talent should be a priority for all 32 teams.

Drew Boylhart   DEC.2017