Sam Darnold   QB   USC


Sam has what I call “courageous accuracy” when he throws the ball… very much like former Miami Dolphins great QB Dan Marino. Sam can throw from different release points all with excellent accuracy. He makes his decisions very quickly and gets the ball out with anticipation and accuracy. He can make all the throws on the field with velocity and touch whenever it is needed. He has excellent athletic talent to extend plays with his size and speed and that makes it difficult for defenses to blitz him with success. Sam has the ability to throw off his back foot with accuracy. When he is under duress in the pocket he stands tall and at times has one of the quickest releases I have seen since Dan Marino. Sam has grown mentally this year in leaps and bounds. He is playing more under control and is learning to protect the ball more. He has improved in his leadership skills dramatically from the first couple of games this year and this dramatic improvement in just a short time shows his ability to evaluate himself, learn from criticism, listen to his coaches and bring what he has learned in practice, on to the field physically and mentally. Sam is a potential franchise quarterback for the team that selects him.

Sam has a quick release but he also has a long release and this will bother some teams when evaluating him. The good thing is Sam doesn’t have a long release consistently and in spite of his (at times) long release he is still very accurate and the velocity he throws the ball with will make it difficult to intercept. Sam must continue to play his position under control and protect the ball better. I guess you could say that for any quarterback at any level.

What is “courageous accuracy” you ask? It’s the ability for a quarterback to throw the ball into small spaces and only where his receiver can catch it. Receivers have to adjust to make the catch and if they don’t there is no catch, no interception and it leaves most people wonder where the hell was Sam throwing that one? Sam also has the ability like Dan Marino had to not care if he throws five interceptions in a game. He has this cold calculated way of turning the page after every throw good or bad and keeps on throwing. There is no confused look on this kids face when his team is struggling and there is no confused look on his face after he throws an interception. I’m so impressed this year in the growth of Sam’s leadership skills and his ability to accept and respond to coaching. It is the key to becoming a franchise quarterback at the next level. Everyone is looking for the “It” factor in a quarterback. They say that it’s hard to define but that you know it when you see it. Well I see it in Sam. I see it big time. If you own a team that needs a franchise quarterback and you don’t have the first pick in the draft I suggest you trade up to select Sam. Trade your 401K retirement plan if you have to because you’ll make it all back just selling this kids jersey the first year he is on the team. Trust me. I call him Sam (401) Darnold because this kid is your new retirement plan. He’s money in the bank.

Drew Boylhart   DEC.2017