Sam Hubbard   ER/OLB   Ohio St


Sam is what every 3/4 defensive coordinator is looking for in an edge rusher who can fall off the line, be used in pass rush schemes and be stout against runs and sweeps to his side. He has the height, length and foot speed to track down plays all over the field. He shows on film good explosion off the line to rush and overall good strength to string out plays and be stout against zone blocking schemes. Sam has the potential to impact in the right defense with the right coordinator.

Sam is much better rushing the passer standing up than he is in a three point stance. Donít ask me whyÖit just is what it is. He is a player who seems to get overmatched playing down and itís not because of a lack of effort (the kid never stops) but it seems like he struggles strength wise to control his opponent in spite of the fact he gains leverage at the line of scrimmage. Most of this could be all technique issues but I just think he is better coming off the line of scrimmage from open space and then engaging than he is engaging right away at the line of scrimmage.

If what I see on film is correct than Sam will be rated higher by teams that run a 3/4 defense than those teams that run 4/3 defenses. This might affect were Sam is selected in this draft but it wonít affect his play. In ether style of defense Sam can impact itís just that I think he impacts more as an edge rusher out in space than as a defensive end in a down position in a 4/3 defense. Sam is smart and but standing up he reacts quicker to what he sees, in a down position I think he is still learning blocking scheme s and is not as quick to understand what is happening and that mental hesitation is just enough for a big offensive lineman to control him at the line of scrimmage instead of the other way around. Now some will suggest that Sam could get bigger and stronger and that will allow him to impact from a down position but it looks to me that Samís body type is maxed out and expecting him to gain much more than his body has right now would affect his quickness and that would be a mistake. Sam will be an impact player and a good player no matter what defense you run. He is what most people will say is a safe pick because, he just is a good player. His impact may be scheme orientated but his value will always be excellent. Sam reminds me a lot of the Vikings Anthony Barr and should have a career that mirrors Anthonyís impact.

Drew Boylhart   JAN.2018