Tarvarus McFadden   CB   Florida St


Tarvarus has the agility, size, and athletic talent to be an excellent cover corner in single coverage. His agility and change of direction skills set him apart from most corners in this draft. He shows good overall speed and although he has those long arms and legs and the size that NFL teams are looking for his agility allows him to be able to cover all different size receivers. Tarvarus is a fluid athletic with long strides to stay on the hip of a receiver the longer the route. He does a very good job reading receivers and will turn to find the ball and contest a pass with excellent timing. Tarvarus will quickly recognize and challenge running backs to his side of the field. He is quick to recognize receiver screens and quick to challenge blockers to turn the play to the inside or make the tackle. Tarvarus looks to be an excellent cover corner and will be able to challenge most opponents top receivers in man to man coverageís for the team that selects him.

Tarvarus hasnít played much zone coverage but seems to have good solid football IQ to adjust and play in that style of defenses. He is a good tackler when he uses good form but he is inconsistent and at times will be satisfied letting others make the tackle when the tackle is his to make. He has no problems shedding blocks and being in position to make tackles but there are other times in a game when he allows himself to get washed out giving up the edge allowing runnerís the ability to turn the corner and make a big play. Tarvarus will also give up on completed passes that get behind him and not bother to run players down from behind. In fact the whole defensive back field seems to have this problem. He also doesnít have good make up speed or that extra gear and can get beat deep on double moves.

All of my concerns about Tarvarusís play can be corrected by his teammates and coaches at the next level by holding Tarvarus more accountable because he has excellent talent to play his position at a much higher level than he plays it at now. He reminds me a little bit of Antonio Cromartie. Like Antonio, Tarvarus has the talent but he lacks the attention to details and needs to turn up the ďconsistency levelĒ of his play to become the corner back his talents suggest that he can become. If Tarvarus understands this than he can become an excellent corner back in any style of defense and play multiple positions also. But the lack of attention to details, and lax work ethic to improve, will hold Tarvarus back from being a dominating cover corner. Itís all up to him.

Drew Boylhart   JAN.2018