Tyrell Crosby   OL   Oregon


Tyrell is a big powerful, long armed offensive tackle who has pro bowl right tackle written all over his play on the field. He is a powerful run blocker and a smart and technically sound pass blocker. He shows solid lateral agility to play on either side of the offensive line depending on the offensive blocking scheme. Tyrellís pass blocking techniques are mature in the fact that he understands angles and never seems to overreact or panic causing him to be off balanced when he gets beat off the snap. This mature, calm demeanor allows him to recover quickly when he does get beat off the snap. Tyrell does have the lateral agility to work on the Left side of the offensive line but for the purposes of this draft, when youíre selecting Tyrell your team is getting a plug in, potential pro bowl right tackle for sure.

If Tyrell loses a little bit of weight he might add just a bit more quickness and agility and this will allow him to play on the left side at a very high level.

Tyrell is a powerful run blocker with mature pass blocking skills. He also has the size all teams are looking for in an offensive tackle. You should be able to play him on the right side the day after you select him and in a year or two it would not surprise me at all to see him on the left side given the time with a good strength and conditioning program. He reminds me a lot of former Ravens Left Tackle Jonathan Ogden. He is not as big but plays with that same calm, mature demeanor. He never seems to panic because he is smart and understands angles and knows that if he gets beat off the snap by a speed rusher he can just retreat to gain back the angle and recover his assignment. Iím not saying the kid canít get beat, all Iím saying is once a quarterback trust Tyrellís ability to recover and doesnít panic and leave the pocket, that quarterback will have plenty of time to manipulate the pocket. What is truly impressive about Tyrellís over all game is his powerful ďguard likeĒ run blocking skills. The kid loves to run block and fires out with dominating pad level that gains leverage quickly and along with his powerful lower body that is what makes me know for a fact that on the goal line or in third and short yardage situations, Tyrell will require double teams. If you donít double team him in those situations there is no doubt in my mind that his running back will gain the needed yardage almost every time. Selecting Tyrell will be a smart selection in the 1st round or any round for the matter. Trust me a pure right tackle is almost as important as a left tackle in this age of football. The reason is because most teams on passing downs are leaving the right side with no help pass blocking, using the tight end and running backs on third down in the passing game more than in years past. So hope that your team is smart enough to select Tyrell early in this draft because my feeling is that if your team passes on him they will see him in the playoffs on TV before he will see all those teams that passed on selecting himÖfor sure.

Drew Boylhart   FEB.2018