Talking To Myself

9/11/2017 –

1 – A lot of first downs are made through run after the catch yardage. That’s why I always look in the draft for Corner Backs and Safeties who are secure tacklers in a draft before I look for cover skills.

2 – If a Football player is thinking of retirement then in his mind he is already retired and it’s dangerous to put him on the field.

3 – What player was the reason for the (WCO) West Coast Offenses birth? The WCO was centered on the talents of FB/H-back Tom Rathman.  His inline blocking, open field run blocking and pass blocking along with his ability to pick up blitzing lineman, catch the ball and run for first downs is what made the WCO work so efficiently…. Of course Montana, Rice and Craig helped too. Great Team

4 – College cost – The cost of college is ridicules, you have to wonder why the money made from sports (Football) can’t be used to lessen the cost for the average student to attend a university instead of the media deciding it should be used to pay amateur players.

5 – Scholarships are based on the barter system. The Barter is a system of exchange where goods or services are directly exchanged for other goods or services without using a medium of exchange, such as money. Suggesting amateur college athletes should be paid would make those athletes professionals.


6 – Universities should not be allowed to sell jerseys with the name of a player and not compensate that player. Selling jerseys using names of amateur player’s falls under the definition of “royalties” and those royalties should be put into an account for that player to receive when he graduates.  If the player does not graduate from that university then the monies revert back to that university.  That being said Universities do have the right to sell jerseys without names and keep all of that money without compensating players wearing those numbers.  At least that’s how I see it.


7 – Why is it, when an NFL player is stripped of his entitlement card, the player plays the race card or union card instead of the RESPONSIBILIY card?

8- I don’t believe in coincidences. Never have and never will. Strange how a person complains publicly about a situation and than that very same situation all of a sudden happens to him? What can I say, I’m a realest.

9 – A “process” can be debated and challenged in a court if you don’t follow the “process” and apply it equally in every situation or if the process in itself is flawed. If you just have a rule and all parties agree challenging that rule becomes more difficult. The NFL has made a big mistake in having a “process” for the Domestic violence issues.  The NFL needs to establish a rule that the #NFLPA agrees to and not a process.  The rule should be, arrested for DVI = 1 game suspension.  Settled out of court for DVI = 3 games suspension.  Convicted of DVI = 6 game suspension.  No “process” just a rule that applies to every situation. You can apply the same rules to DUI also.  Not having a “process will stop all the court cases and challenges.

10 – It’s called “oversaturation” and the NFL has a bad case of it. The NFL is a train barreling down the tracks and just about ready to hit that bridge that isn’t there.  Its employees are out of control expounding personal politics and they have simply oversaturated their market.  Then again who listens to me, I’m just Talking To Myself.