Talking To Myself

College Football = NFL Draft

1 – Missouri has a heck of a team and QB Drew Lock has big time talent and is throwing to some big time talented receivers.

2 – Oklahoma showed us that Ohio State needs better play from the quarterback position.

3 – Oklahoma QB Baker Mayfield loves working under pressure and Chaos. To label him a bigger version of Johnny Manziel would be correct.

4 – Louisville Lamar Jackson is very athletic but has to learn to make more plays from the pocket or he won’t last the season. Ask Cam Newton.

5 – Nebraska QB Tanner Lee is smart and efficient and someone should take notice at some point.

6 – USC QB San Darnold brings the athleticism and ruggedness to the quarterback position that NFL teams will fall all over themselves to draft.

7 – UCLA QB Josh Rosen did more than just come from behind to win their first game. He also finally connected emotionally with his teammates and that is his biggest problem.  This kid is under so much pressure put on him from his Head Coach constantly talking him up and dividing Josh from his teammates.

8 – Ohio State J T Barrett hasn’t improved from his freshman year. I don’t care how good a kid he is he should have changed positions two years ago.

9 – Michigan Rashan Gary has a lot of talent and if he ever learns how to get off blocks using better hand usage he could be a top defensive talent for the NFL.

10 – NFL is hurting big time for offensive lineman. Watching Oklahoma’s OT Orlando Brown he reminds me of the Giants Eric flowers.  Some might think that is good and some might think that is bad.