Talking To Myself


College Football = NFLDRAFT

  1. College football has rules that are decisive when it comes to protecting its players. You lead with your head on a tackle and you’re out of the game. Teams and players and fans don’t like it but because the referees call it equally for all teams everyone accepts it. NFL should understand consistency in calling penalties is the key to everyone excepting the outcome of those penalties.
  2. The problem with UCLA Josh Rosen is his head coach Jim Mora. Since Pete Carroll was at USC, I have never seen a coach who was more worried about promoting himself at the expense of his players.
  3. Clemson is an impressive team and Dabo is developing another top QB for the NFL.
  4. It’s early but so far this group of college talent to enter the 2018 NFLDraft is far behind last years and I’m including the QB’s who are being talked up. The talent is there but the game maturity on offense and defense is lacking but, it’s still early and we shall see.
  5. I’m sorry but Louisville’s Lamar Jackson is an excellent athlete but as far as playing QB at the next level…I don’t see it.   I suggest he change now to another position like Wide Receiver. He could be as good as Julio Jones.
  6. USC QB Sam Darnold kills himself with poor decisions. USC QB Sam Darnold kills his opponents with great passing plays. Will the real Sam Darnold ever show up? Is he a coach killer or a great player?
  7. Best QB/RB tandem in college football right now is Oregon’s QB Justin Herbert and RB Royce Freeman.
  8.  It seems that there is a height limit for success at the quarterback position in the NFL. Most if not all QB’s over 6’5” seem to struggle for some reason.
  9.  Oklahoma State QB Mason Rudolph might be the top QB in the 2018 Draft. At least he seems to be the only one ready.
  10.  Oklahoma QB Baker Mayfield is bringing NFL scouts kicking and screaming into respecting his play. The kid is a winner as well as being a pain in the ass.