Talking to Myself


College Football = #NFL Draft

1 – This draft has the potential for 12 teams to be in the hunt for a quarterback, some early in the first few rounds and some later. Let’s take a look.

2 – The 49er’s will be looking for a quarterback early. Brian Hoyer is a stop gap and the head coach is a former offensive coordinator. But than again you never know, maybe Brian is the next Tony Romo.

3 – Jaguars could be looking for a quarterback if Blake Bortles doesn’t improve this year. Of course how early in the draft will be dictated by his improvement.

4 – Once again the Jets will be in the market for a quarterback, need I say more?

5 – No matter if the Charges are in Los Angeles or back in San Diego or in London, they will need a quarterback in this draft. Their quarterback refuses to move with the team and age is a big factor.

6 – The Bengals will have to decide at some point if Andy Dalton and Marvin Lewis can get them to the next level in a division that seems to be dominated by the Ravens or the Steelers. Will this draft be the year they move on from Andy and Marvin or just Andy and holding on to A J McCarron last year and not trading him means…what?

7- What will the Saints do? Sign an aging quarterback and even if they do, for how many years? Logic suggests that this draft would be the one the Saints have to select a young quarterback unless they sign some another teams young quarterback? I mean seriously, do they really think Chase Daniels is the answer?

8 – The rumor was that the Cardinals really wanted Patrick Mahomes last year so thinking they are not in the market for a young, strong armed quarterback would be foolish to me.

9 – The Ravens have an aging quarterback with a bad back, you do the math and Ryan Mallet is lucky he is even on an NFL roster.

10 – The Redskins have options. Number One, sign Kirk Cousins. Number two, sign Drew Brees in free agency. Number three, draft a young quarterback and then take another two or three years to become competitive once again. Of course that’s if they select the right quarterback and there is no guarantee that will happen. You do remember the rookie of the year RGIII, right?

11 – The Giants are not in dire need of a quarterback but Eli Manning is on the down swing of his career and unless he improves with better consistency I would think training a young quarterback should be in their future plans unless they think Davis Webb is the answer? Personally I have to wonder about that!

12 – The Bills should have drafted a quarterback last year and traded out and passed on selecting Patrick Mahomes. Tyrod Taylor is a good solid quarterback but can he bring the Bills fans and team to the promise land? I would think at some point the Bills would be in the market to upgrade this position.

13 – Have the Browns really found their quarterback of the future in DeShone Kizer? Personally I think they are kidding themselves but I’ve been wrong before.  If I’m correct and once again that position is in flux, then the Browns once again will be in the market for a quarterback in this draft.  Of course they could be stubborn and decide to wait three agonizing years until Kizer shows everyone that he will not be the answer.