Talking to Myself

10/2/2017 – College Football = the NFL Draft

1 – Someone needs to pay attention to WR Jaleel Scott New Mexico State; there is too much size, speed and talent not too.

2 – I said it last week and I’ll say once again this week; USC Sam Darnold is a very talent quarterback who is not ready for the NFL. Stop pushing him into a level he is not ready for.

3 – Watching Stanford’s RB Bryce Love is very exciting but for the next level he has to show he can catch the ball down the field like a wide receiver. Until that happens he is a great college player. That being said he is exciting to watch.

4 – I keep waiting for Penn State RB Saquan Barkley to show me that he might not be THE best player in this coming draft. So far it hasn’t happened.

5 – I keep waiting for Penn State QB Trace McSorley to show me that he can’t play QB at the next level. So far that hasn’t happened also.

6 – Alabama is Alabama and a very good program with excellent coaching. The players will do anything to win a college championship and get selected in the 1st or 2nd rounds in the draft.  The problem is for the next level once they are selected they seem to lack the motivation to be better pro players than they were college players.  Not all, there are exceptions but… it’s seems like the players are burnt out before they hit the NFL.

7 – The most improved QB so far this season is Clemson QB Kelly Bryant. His play from the pocket has been improving from week to week. Credit to the coaching and to Kelly who seems to be very coachable.  The difference in Kelly’s improved play and coaching is leaps and bounds better than what USC is accomplishing with its high profile quarterback.

8 – It bothers me to see the media promoting college players for the draft way ahead of that player’s senor season eligibility. Promote his play on the field all you want but stay away from suggesting his draft status and what awards you think he should get. Let those issues come to the player naturally.

9 – Louisville QB Lamar Jackson is an excellent athlete playing the quarterback position. He reminds me a lot of RGIII.

10 – There is something lacking in UCLA Josh Rosen’s game and I know what it is. It’s something quarterbacks have to have to win the big games consistently and it has nothing to do with talent.  It’s the same problem the Charges QB Philip Rivers has.