Talking to Myself ™


College Football = NFL Draft

1 – In last year’s draft two QB needy teams passed on selecting QB’s and traded back in the first round. The Bills traded back and passed on selecting Patrick Mahomes and instead selected later in the draft, Nathan Peterson. The Browns passed on selecting Deshaun Watson and later selected DeShone Kizer.  Of course we all remember the year before when the Browns traded back and passed on selecting Carson Wentz.  What ever happen to the theory that this is a quarterback driven league?

2 – If you want a running game that threatens the defense than you must have a good blocking TE/H-Back/FB who has good speed, athleticism, football intelligence and football instincts like a franchise quarterback. Oh yea, he must be able to catch the ball in a hurricane too.  If you don’t have that kind of player than your offense is one dimensional and that means your team will lose the big important games no matter how much they score during the regular season.

3 – Specialty pass catching Tight Ends are killing QB’s and getting them hurt because there is no threat of them blocking on third and long downs.

4 – The WCO was born because of one player’s talents FB/H-back/TE Tom Rathman. The players surrounding him made it work.

5 – Will Amazon become the #NFL’s new “dynamic” partner replacing Disney/ ESPN? I wonder?

6 – The truth is, College football is more exciting to watch and less political and that’s why the NFL is losing fans.

7 – The NFL is also losing fans because of the following issues, Personal Politics, Lawyers running teams Human Resource decisions, injuries, inconsistent officiating, coaches and players committing crimes and snorting drugs, Players who are millionaires holding out for more money, guarantee money not being enough guarantee money, players suing the NFL over future and past medical issues and a media obsess with story after story about how unfair that is, players filling for bankruptcy after playing in the NFL and making more money than any of the fans make, a union that cares less about health of players and more about money, cost of game tickets, cost of special sport packages for TV to see games, cost of private stadium boxes, cost of concessions, constant court cases, Bad coaching from rotating coaches from team to team who are fired year after year, media that is more obsess with gossip instead of real stories, Media obsess with stories about players poor upbringing like it’s a contest on who can find the most heart wrenching issues and finally… ruining the Draft and making it a spectacle with red carpet like attitude and using former players and coaches as analyst who have never been successful at evaluating talent. That’s why the NFL is losing fans.  But who listens to me it’s like I’m ….Talking to Myself ™.