Talking to Myself ™


College Football = NFL Draft

1 – I don’t like to give early evaluations of players eligible for the draft for a reason. That reason is simple; I want to see how the players handle success and how they handle adversity and how much they improve during the year.  But things change so I have to make exceptions.

2 – One issue that quarterbacks do not seem to learn at the college level is how to “manipulate” the pocket instead of just bringing the ball down and running.

3 –Wyoming QB Josh Allen reminds me a lot of a young John Elway. When comparing both college stats, there is an eerie similarity.

4 – Oklahoma State seems to have a problem (in tight games) putting the game in the hands of their pro talented quarterback? He reminds me of Blaine Gabbert/Andrew Luck

5 – Penn St Trace McSorley reminds me of Bills Tyrod Taylor. I doubt anyone will ever be impressed with his practices but the kid sure does know “HOW” to play the quarterback position in a game and has a high football IQ.

6 – So impressed with Syracuse Quarterback junior Eric Dungey and his leadership skills and ability to put his team on his back in spite of personally not have a very good passing day. After throwing 4 interceptions in the 1st half, Eric decides that if the passing game isn’t working he will just use his legs and almost single handily beats Miami.  Usually he is very accurate passer with a pro potential arm but I give him credit for using whatever talents he had to lead his team all game long under adverse situations.  If Eric comes out early I would consider him as one of the top QB’s in this upcoming draft.  Granted he’s developmental but there is a lot to work with, as much talent as Carson Wentz.

7 – Three NFL teams have new head coaches, Jacksonville Jaguars, Buffalo Bills and Los Angeles Rams. The new coaches have basically the same talent that their predecessors had, proving once more that coaching does make a difference in the NFL.  I think we have seen the last of Jeff Fisher and Rex Ryan coaching any NFL teams unless we get an owner who is dumber that a doorknob.  At least I hope so!

8 – For me personally, when I go to see a player I want to do it incognito. I don’t want the player, head coach or anyone in the administration of the college to know I’m watching. I find this is a better way to get a feel for the player as a person.  I don’t want to hear any sob stories about his life or talk to any coaches about how great a kid he is but I will talk to the janitor who cleans the locker rooms. He or she knows the players as people, sometimes better than most parents and will talk freely.  Most janitors (if not all) will hold what we talk about in confidence also.


Of course that’s just me, Talking to Myself™