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11/13/2017 – College Football = The Draft…except?

1 – Is it always the Head Coaches fault when he gets fired? The truth is, yes it is. It’s not the player’s fault of the assistant coach’s fault or the fans fault.  It all lands on the head coach who could not communicate his expectations to his coaches, players and fans.

2 – Watching Falcons Adrian Clayborn destroy the Cowboys left tackle ALL GAME LONG proves my point. There is a lot of poor coaching in the NFL being masked by the talent of the players.  You have a great QB and all of a sudden you are considered a great coach. #SMH

3 – Those in the sports media that think Jerry Jones is barking up a tree, have never owned a business. Jerry Jones could sell snow to an Eskimo so suggesting he can’t convince owners (who would rather have one person run their business aka- Rodger Goodell) into going against Rodger Goodell are the same media who think we actually have any control over how the earth’s climate cycles naturally.

4 – Let me say it out loud, Jim Harbaugh is not leaving Michigan to coach in the NFL. He makes $7 million dollars a year plus expenses and has total control over the Michigan football program. He’s already lost one NFL job over control issues.

5 – I do not believe in paying college football players. They are on the barter system and get enough perks now. I do believe in lowering the cost of college for all students with the excess money being made from the football programs and not spending it on stadiums, fancy uniforms, fancy helmets, and higher salaries for the administration.

6 – Rodger Goodell has been given too much power by lazy owners who did not want to deal with issues on a daily basis. This has come back to haunt them and now the politically correct NFL is losing fans because of it.  Jerry Jones is right the position of commissioner needs to be overhauled.  Instead of representing the owners on all issues, the owners need to start representing themselves a little bit more.  The Commissioner represents the owners but is not in charge of the owners.  It’s a fine line that the owners themselves have help erase.

7 – The NFL is losing fans and that’s a fact. Why and how is debatable but make no mistake about it, they are losing fans fast.

8 – The reason College Football is so exciting and unpredictable in November, up till now most players are still learning and thinking on the field. November is when things start to become natural and instincts and football IQ is at its peak.

9 – What makes everyone think that a player can’t shake off a concussion and go back on to the field? I’m not suggesting multiple concussions or dramatic obvious concussions but I am suggesting there are concussions that are not as serious or as debilitating as others. I’ve had them, in fact I had 2 in one game playing basketball and still went back in the game and never had any issues after (although there are some who would suggest differently).  There are degrees of concussions, so a player going back on the field if he has been able to shake one off is not an issue.  Players have a right to control their own health.

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