Talking To Myself

1 – Bills Trade! – Will they use TE Clay and RB McCoy more as receivers and that’s why they feel the loss of Watkins is not an issue? I would.

2 – Giants seem stubborn about Eric Flowers at LT and Rookie TE Evan Engram who they insist “must be a Blocking Tight End”. Stubborn is not a smart way to coach a team, it causes injuries.

3 – I think Patriots would be smart to move on from WR Danny Amendola and keep rookie WR Austin Carr on the roster, or maybe both but Carr should make the team.

4 – Buccaneers waive Kicker Roberto Aquayo. Roberto may go to another team and do very well. That’s what happens with kickers and if that happens, this move will not be a mistake.  The mistake was selecting a kicker in the 2nd round in the first place. Remember, you can find a kicker standing in the line at a supermarket.

5 – Giants QB Geno Smith goes to the wrong locker room. Now most think this is funny but to me it’s a symptom of his lack of attention to details on and off the field.

6 – The reason a team makes it to the Super Bowl is because coaches are smart enough to keep players with the talent to scare the starters from ever leaving the field. Depth and developing back up players is the key. Everyone has talented starters but not everyone has talent, smart, excellent players with character… depth.

7 – The Rams traded for Sammy Watkins and although he is an “impact” receiver, he is not a “franchise” receiver. But they may have a franchise receiver in rookie Cooper Kupp so the fit may be right for Watkins to impact if not injured.

8 – Teams would be smart not to cut any offensive lineman if they are athletic enough to walk to the store (One Block away) and come back with a quart of milk within the hour.  Offensive linemen are the new premium and skilled position players in the NFL and will be over drafted. That’s just the facts.

9 – Right now the Colts are a mess and I’m not sure the Head Coach makes it through the season.

10 – Cardinals and Buccaneers are two teams that have so much talent it’s scary but… do they have the depth?

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  1. August 21, 2017 at 6:26 pm

    Bills apparently looking the the Browns example as how to do a total rebuild. That being said, are the QB’s in 2018 clearly better than Mahomes+1 years seasoning? I say the jury is out, we will need to see the top guys show continued development and maturity.

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