Why Should You Subscribe to THR?

Here are just a few reasons why you should subscribe to The Huddle Report this draft season:

  • The Huddle Report’s Draft Value Board ranking the Top 200 draftable prospects every year is one of the most accurate ranking available from a year-round draft site.
  • Talent evaluator and THR Senior Writer, Drew Boylhart’s widely-read, much discussed and always honest profiles.  Sports Illustrated calls Boylhart “The Draft’s B.S. Detector” and says, “Deciphering the NFL’s draft hooey requires a player profiler with a past life as the shovel man behind elephants at a circus.  Decoding draft-day politics begs for a personnel junkie with a background as a special assistant to the governor of New York.  Who is this perfect hybrid of hokum detection?  Meet Drew Boylhart:  he knows from crap.” (May 5, 2008)
  • THR Founder and GM, Robby Esch’s Mock Draft has proven to be one of the most accurate available as evidenced by his second place ranking in five-year averages of mock draft scores.  Esch was also the 2008 Mock Draft Champion.
  • Emails received by THR are ALWAYS answered.

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Robby Esch, THR Founder and GM