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1 – I don’t think its smart play calling for Bills QB Tyrod Taylor to call plays from center with a three step drops. Not unless the offensive lineman are using run blocking techniques. Expecting marginal lineman to make perfect blocks is asking a bit too much by the offensive coordinator.

2 – If Jaguars are so intent on finding leadership from the quarterback position the answer is simple, Brandon Allen. At this point Blake Bortles is more likely to find success with another team.

3 – Browns QB issue is intriguing but I still feel Cody Kessler is the answer. As soon as adversity hits DeShone Kizer and Brock Osweiler both will struggle with the lack of mental strength to handle and work through their limitations when other teams start to game plan for them.

4 – Twitter sucks, I tweet something and someone challenges it and I re- read the twit and understand why they challenge it. Often what I twitted doesn’t have the full meaning of what I meant to tweet. It’s my problem but I still hate twitter.

5 – I think it’s foolish to think QB’s have to work from under center in this day and age of football. You can run any play action play and any other play from shot gun and if you use a fullback or H/back you can run any play out of the pistol also.

6 – Cowboys will continue to struggle defensively until they upgrade the character and football intelligence of their defensive players. Chidobe Awuzie along Byron Jones with Sean Lee seems to be a good start.

7 – You have to be impressed with the career Chiefs Alex Smith has had and his ability to deal with personal adversity. He stepped up with 49ers when it looked like he would never have much of a career and now the challenge of a 1st round pick QB, makes him step his game up once again.

8 – I have kind of an empty feeling with the retirement of the Bills Anquan Boldin. At first I want to strike out at the Bills management but then looking at the film of the Eagles pre-season game, I realized his heart just wasn’t into it any more. Maybe for a team like the Patriots, but I don’t think he saw in this team what he thought he saw when he signed.

9 – I know how Anquan Boldin feels. After over 30 years of being a Bills fan the heat and passion for the first time left me when they signed Rex Ryan as a coach. I knew he would set this franchise back at least six years but when they fired him I saw a glimmer of light. But I still see another 4 years till the possible turn around.

10 – I too think that Cowboys Kellen Clemmons should not be a Quarterback in the NFL. In my original profile I said he would be a good backup quarterback and gave him 5th round grade. I was wrong; he’s not even a good backup quarterback!

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  1. August 21, 2017 at 6:17 pm

    Boldin was a great player but so much of that greatness was willpower… I think he will miss out on the intital HOF vote but probably get in as a vet in a couple decades later. His abilities to destroy zone defenses, catch contested balls, run in the open field, and last but not least serve as a superior run blocker all set him apart from most WR’s.

    As for Dallas, I really wanted Dak Prescott in the draft last year for AZ so not too surprised he has started so well. But they have left themselves in a situation where they have a starting QB who is going to be running the ball and backups who will be lucky to win 1 of 4 games in his potential absence.

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