Talking To Myself

1 – I’ve been saying for years that the coaching in the NFL overall, is poor and now former head coach Mike Martz says it too. There is way too much information, workouts and film on a college quarterbacks to have this many 1st round failures so what’s the reason?  It just comes down to poor coaching, coaches who are more intent to make the position so hard and confusing that the player cannot play up to his potential talent.  Yes… the player is at fault too but information on his character should be the reason you selected him in the first place so it comes back to disregard for information gathered and poor coaching.

2 – Ben McAdoo must be on the hot seat for the Giants. His offence mirrors the same problems the Packers have in not building an offensive line and having an offensive line blocking system that promotes injuries, just like the Packers.

3 – Roger Goodell is staying as commissioner and De (all about Me) Smith head of the NFLPA is instigating and agitating once again. De (all about me) Smith is a master at manipulating the emotions of the liberal sports media and making the players think that he is all in for them.  At some point his actions should count for more than his inflammatory speeches to the media.

4- The Kaepernick situation is very simple. It’s about business. The owners understand that Colin insulted at a minimum of half of the NFL’s market. Colin Kaepernick made it personal and that’s why he is struggling to find an owner who will sign him.  Remember business is always personal, it just depends to what degree and Colin turned the heat up on himself.

5 – I find it amusing that the Patriots offense is so similar to the Buffalo Bills “no huddle/ K gun offense” that got them to 4 super bowls. Difference is the Patriots offense changes up the tempo to allow the defense time off the field to recuperate.  It’s a hard offense to run but it is an offense that scores a lot of points quickly and often.

6 – 13 to 9, why do I feel that will be the score of more than one game this season for the Bills with them on the short end?

7 – Think about it, Drew Brees and Adrian Peterson in the same back field for the Saints. You have to figure it should last for at least half the season until one or both get injured or just run out of speed because of age.

8 – Browns answer to QB position is DeShone Kizer. I got nothing! #SMH, Yes I do. Keep him in the pocket and he becomes a piñata for defensive lineman, toys and candy for everyone.

9 – Bills Rookie WR Zay Jones is already showing the signs of becoming a franchise receiver.

10 – I don’t know what the answer is for the Jets but I do know Todd Bowles is a hell of a coach. He just might not be a hell of a Head Coach.