Talking To Myself

9/4/2017 –

1 – I tried telling everyone that the NFL should follow the courts when it comes to domestic violence issues. No investigations needed, if a player is arrested for DVI than it’s a one game suspension. If he settles out of court its three games suspension.  If he is found guilty its automatic six games, no investigations, no appeals just cut and dried and make the #NFLPA sign off on it or deal with the public pressure.  Now you can change the numbers anyway you want but the issue now becomes an issue for the players, the judicial system and the media and not the NFL.

2 – The Bears play cautious with their rookie quarterback and then put him into the game late to get injured? Poor decisions once again.

3 – For the first time in my lifetime I saw a commercial for season tickets for the Giants. I predict the NFL is going to lose a lot of TV viewers and fans this year because college football is more exciting and they don’t kneel.

4 – College football is more exciting because the rosters are bigger and when a player has off field issues Coaches and Athletic Directors can easily cut ties and go to the next hidden talent on the roster. No muss, no fuss and no media involvement other than to report that the player was let go because of an off field issue. Take Note NFL, you need bigger rosters. 53 man rosters are not doing it.

5 – Remember this saying, “Good players cannot overcome bad coaching”. Source; Bill Belichick

6 – There is a big shortage of talent in the NFL at the offensive line positions. If you are an offensive line man and you keep getting cut from team to team I suggest you find another job.

7 – Twitter Rant – I have this saying “I want everyone to like me but…when it comes to doing my job, I really don’t give a dam. I’m a person who passes on information and gives opinions. I do that on twitter and on the site For years many in the media have used information from my profiles and have NEVER given me credit.  I consider this to be the way it is and there is nothing I can do about it.  So now on twitter I pass information on to the fans sometimes I credit people and sometimes I just cut and paste.  I have no inside information.  I just pass on the information to the fans with no agenda other than to serve the fans as a conduit to that information.

8 – The NFL will keep losing fans to college football because it’s more exciting and less political.

9 – The NFL 93 cut down day to 53 was like a garage sale.

10 – Nobody is tanking the season. Fans see poor decisions being made and are just trying to find an excuse why coaches are making such poor decisions on talented young players.