2025 Scoring Invitations will be e-mailed April 14, 2025

  Each year, following the NFL draft, many people, draft sites and publications claim to have had the most accurate mock draft. We understand that it can be tough to determine which mock draft was the most accurate. To accomplish such a task, we believe you must have two things. The first thing you need is a clear and simple scoring system that scores on what a mock draft’s purpose is and that is telling fans who their team will select on draft day. The second and most important thing is a deadline; a specified time when all mocks must be submitted.

  For over two decades THR has scored mock drafts and Top100 boards of the most reputable and widely published draft resources. It is because of these guidelines that The Huddle Report Draft Scoring has become the most trusted and longest running such scoring available for mock drafts and Top100 Boards.  These scores have appeared in print media nationwide while also become the most widely recognized in the industry and are the standard by which draft publications, websites and media personnel are measured. 

This is not an open contest and not everyone can enter. To ensure the integrity of the ratings, we will only score mock drafts and Top100 boards from established websites, publications and media outlets covering the draft. If you would like to have your mock draft and/or Top100 board included in THR's scoring, please e-mail me and include a link to where your mock drafts / Top100 boards are posted. If it meets our criteria, we will add you to the list to receive the invitation with instructions and deadlines for submission.   All entries are at our discretion.