JJ McCarthy   QB   Michigan

Winning, Winning, Winning…this is a QB who will throw the ball, 17 times, takes 4 sacks while his team is winning 52 to 7. Think about that, that’s leadership, and that’s a winning QB. In another game, he threw the ball 27 times scored 4 TD’s, and took 1 sack. In that game, Michigan won 49 to 0. Think about that too! I believe that Stats tell a story but don’t tell the whole story. That’s why when I profile a quarterback, I look very hard for talent but more so, for the quality in a QB, that shows me he has more than just talent. JJ’s leadership jumps off the film at me. It’s “How” he plays the game, adjusts during a game, and listens to his coaches during a game. It’s how he communicates what his coaches try to do to his teammates, during the game. He is not perfect athletically, but you can also see the “Drive” in him to improve and minimize his weaknesses and not to let down his teammates down when everyone wonders athletically if he can make the impact throw and play. That’s the key to his leadership. He wants his teammates to succeed and is willing to put them in a position to succeed without being just a “hollow” cheerleader on the sidelines after a three-and-out. JJ understands what it takes to win and that is what he will bring to the team that selects him in this draft.

Jayden Daniels   QB   LSU

Jayden has the athletic talent, size, speed, arm talent, and arm strength to be a franchise quarterback for the team that selects him. When he runs, he looks like a wide receiver playing quarterback. Jayden has different gears when he runs that fool tacklers into thinking they are about to tackle him but they really don’t have a chance. He does a good job passing the ball with accuracy and velocity from a clean pocket and can make all the throws needed to impact at the next level. Jayden has the needed leadership skills and character to carry a franchise on and off the field. Add to that, his “Lamar Jackson” type athletic talent to play the quarterback position and you have a potential franchise quarterback.

Michael Penix   QB   Washington

Michael is the pocket-passing extraordinaire quarterback of this draft. His accuracy and overall arm talent from the pocket are franchise-like. He has the size and arm velocity in the red zone to defeat any style or type of defense. Michael shows leadership skills through his play on the field. He will make the throw with accuracy, that most NFL quarterbacks can’t make. Michael has the arm talent to make the players around him better. His ability to make plays in the passing game opens up the ability to run the ball and that is the definition of a franchise quarterback. If the team that selects him protects him in the pocket with a good offensive line, I guarantee, you will see Michael in the Super Bowl.